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“I worked with Tommi on Cats at the London Palladium and I honestly feel like Tommi has healing hands, a sweet spirited soul but also a really profound understanding and knowledge of the body. Even though it was intense therapy, I felt that after each treatment my spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing was improved. He has a warm and gentle energy.”

Nicole Scherzinger, singer



“I worked with Tommi on 'American Psycho'. He helped both my body and voice relax and prepare for the rigours of singing and dancing. Vocally in particular Tommi unlocked the tensions and strains of eight shows a week. He has wonderful hands ! And a kind calming manner, as well as a deep understating of our profession both physically and mentally having been a dancer himself for many years.

Tommi's cool. Get a massage. It's a good one !”

Matt Smith, actor



“Tommi's body work , and massage techniques are quite brilliant. He also happens to be a lovely man.”

Joely Richardson, actress



“I've known Tommi for more than ten years, and he's got me through more tough gigs than I can remember. He's skilled, friendly, prompt, professional, reasonably priced and strong. Having trained as a dancer and worked as an actor he has a particularly good understanding of the stresses and strains of performing. I count massage sessions with him as an essential part of getting my voice and body ready for the challenge of a role, and the necessary maintenance of a long run.

His mobile number is gold: pass it on to your friends and feel their gratitude!”

Samuel West, actor



“As well as being thoughtful and sensitive to clients' needs, Tommi is also very practical and extremely strong - the perfect combination in a massage therapist.  He's very good at untangling knots of tension I didn't even know were there, and was particularly helpful while I was pregnant and being driven mad by restless leg syndrome and various other new aches and pains.  Very highly recommended.”

Laura Wade, playwright



“Tommi's deep tissue message on my legs has literally made it possible for me to continue performing when I thought nothing could get me on the stage. It's not only his natural ability to find the source of the problem and deal with it, he is also able to put you emotionally at ease while explaining the treatment he is applying.

For me Tommi is the international rescue of message.”

Clive Rowe, actor/singer



“During my time as a Company Manager for the UK tour of Pricilla - Queen of the Desert, and now the UK/Europe tour of Cats, Tommi visited us at many occasions to treat members of cast, orchestra and crew.

Having previously performed himself, including in a previous tour of Cats, Tommi has full understanding of the general high demands and challenges of performing and touring environment, including specific issues of ours, such as, impact of raked stage, high heels, big head pieces, singing whilst flying, limited space backstage for crew or in orchestra pit etc.

His work has been much appreciated and highly praised by all, myself included.”

Adam Havoc, Company Manager



“Touring in such a physical production as “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” for 15 months, it was fantastic to have Tommi work his magic on us from time to time. He is thorough and caring, and seemed to get to the very heart of any pain that I had been nursing. He also has a genuine understanding and compassion for the rigours of our work.”

Richard Grieve, actor



His excellent skills and variety of treatments from massage, to cupping, to acupuncture, are great, and have allowed me to get back to work, in Phantom of the Opera in the West End, a lot quicker. I am always made fully aware of what has happened to my body, or what needs to be fixed and I get a detailed description of how I can help my body to recover. He is always on hand if you need to speak to him, which really takes the worry away.

I owe him a lot. Thank you”

Charise Renouf, dancer



"Tommi is an incredible massage therapist, he really listens to what I need, and always uplifts me through his work. His strength and intuition are unmatched in my experience with therapists- which is quite extensive.”

Amy, actress



"Tommi has saved me on more than one occasion. He is much more than a massage therapist to me. He is highly intuitive with my body and can read the areas where I need most attention."

Anthony, Director of Scouting & Development at Premier Model Management



“I can’t recommend or speak highly of Tommi enough. I feel very blessed that he was recommended to me during my recovery from a severe neck injury as he has helped miraculously. As I am also a singer/performer he also has a vast knowledge of the unique strains and tensions we put our bodies, vocals and spirit through, and can help relax and release the tensions we bear.”

Carmen Vass, Singer


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